We produce PEF tube and u-tube.  These can be circular or half tubes made in various sizes and colours.

NULON PEF closed tube is manufactured in New Zealand by Nulon, from high quality closed cell, Low Density Polyethylene foam. These are circular foam tube or half tubes that can be made in various sizes and colours to suit your needs.
Foam tube can provide a protection solution for a variety of surfaces including handrails, scaffolding, door edges, corners, furniture legs, trampoline poles and much more!
• Reusable
• Flexible for odd shapes
• Cut to size
• Weather resistant *sop
• Closed cell – no water absorption
• Nontoxic, suitable for applications in food preparation areas
• Easy to use
• Wide range of sizes available
• Resistant to most chemicals
• High impact protection
• Easily compressible, good rebound expansion
• Extremely light weight